Latest Release: The Elves of Uteria

For Toryn Ninefingers, this is almost like any other night, entertaining a rowdy crowd with song and story. But tonight, he has a special purpose in the telling of his tale, and reveals a shocking personal story that he has never told an audience before. With its telling, the world of Uteria may never be the same again.

This is the first book in the Crossroads of the Never saga, a series spanning thousands of years, shedding light on the dark and disturbing mysteries of the world of Uteria—a world besieged by the passing of a dark age, the continuing echoes of its violent history, and the recent incursion of creatures long since forgotten.

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New cover art for Crossroads of the Never: Book 1

24 Feb 2015

The first book in The Crossroads of the Never saga is coming soon. The cover art by Michael Bielaczyc has just been unveiled!

On having a pronoid worldview

21 Nov 2014

I’m of the opinion that human beings are bolstered by positive beliefs.

Good music, a balance between the expected and unexpected

28 Aug 2014

I don’t entirely mean that title. This will take a bit of explanation.

A new site is launched!

25 Aug 2014

Finally! Believe it or not, I began to build a new site about three years ago, and only today have I finally completed it.

A new guitar, and new music planned

28 Jun 2014

The unboxing of a new Damien 6 guitar by Schecter with a Sustainiac pickup has led to inspiration for new music…

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