26. September 2016

New Album: The Log Cutter

A decade ago, I worked on an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie, and I’ve finally released it. Listen to it here.


17. September 2016

The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison: A Review

E. R. Eddison’s The Worm Ouroboros makes me wish I could be a novelist in 1922. This was a time, apparently, when one could publish a strange fantasy book written entirely in sixteenth century English, and people would want to read it. This book influenced many fantasy writers to come, including Tolkien, and it’s easy to see why.


29. May 2016

Of Dwarves and Artifacts: A SagaBorn Short Story

“Out with it,” barked the wizened old dwarf. Erl’s leather face shifted into a smile and he slapped Gartnor on the back with a stinging but friendly force. “The faster you ’splain what you want, the faster we can guzzle that pitcher.”


07. February 2016

New Sci-Fi Horror Story: The Fifth Chalice

This story has been bouncing around my mind for years, but two Octobers ago, inspired by the anticipation of Halloween, I finally put words down. Now, the story is published.


01. November 2015

The Problem of Evil in Fiction

Recently, I spoke on a panel with several other authors where we attempted to dissect the process of creating antagonists with depth. At one point, as I spoke about the word “evil,” a fellow writer in the audience became so severely offended that she grew visibly agitated, began mumbling expletives, then stormed out of the room in protest.


07. June 2015

My Trip to the Frank Frazetta Art Museum

Here is the first man whose art I feared. Actually, that’s not entirely true…there had been a few horror novels with covers that made me afraid, but that had been a surface fear. The dread conjured by a Frazetta painting was something deeper; it was visceral. His work was the first to transport me to a mythical world—an ancient and primitive world, where the terror of the unknown lurked in every shadow, dangerous even for the mightiest of men.