Dane Clark Collins

Don't Miss Dane's Appearance on Three Panels at MidSouthCon 2015

Written by Dane Clark Collins

MidSouthCon is Memphis is Dane’s first stop to promote his new book, Crossroads of the Never: Book 1. Don’t miss him on his panels.

MidSouthCon is March 20-22, 2015 in Memphis, TN. Most of the crew from Lone Wanderer Entertainment will be in attendance as author and artist guests, including myself.

This will be my first stop for promoting my new book, Crossroads of the Never: Book 1, which has just become available in both paperback and Kindle eBook formats through and Amazon.

I’ll be doing three panels at MidSouthCon 2015, so if you’re in town for the show, you’ll want to attend them all.

Mythological, Paranormal and Regular Creatures

March 20 at 11pm

A discussion on the use of creatures, whether mythological, paranormal, or regular.

Building a World Through Art, Fiction, and Game Design - The World of Uteria

March 21 at 10am

This panel will discuss how the world developed though creative cooperation between the many facets of design. The world of Uteria is a fantasy world created by artist Michael Bielaczyc, but he has enlisted a whole team of talented people to help fulfill his vision.

Create Strong Characters

March 21 at 9pm

Learn to create three-dimensional characters readers will love and root for without going over the top. Does your dialog match your characters? Learn some ways to make characters more plausible.