23. March 2015

The MidSouthCon 33 Report

I just returned from MidSouthCon 33, where I was invited to be an author guest. Here is my experience from the show.


21. November 2014

On Having a Pronoid Worldview

I’m of the opinion that human beings are bolstered by positive beliefs.

I’m also of the opinion that dogmatically held beliefs that attempt to cover all of reality are the greatest contributor to human suffering.

So how do I reconcile these two positions? I attempt to find belief systems that are useful to my situation, but I keep those beliefs loose and flexible enough to change in response to my circumstances. It’s a difficult balance, but possible.


14. May 2014

Jordancon 2014 Recap

I attended Jordancon 6 (2014), the annual convention honoring the work of Robert Jordan (along, now, with other works of fantasy fiction). I had a panel to discuss the world of Uteria and we threw an incredibly fun launch party for the new book, The Elves of Uteria.


05. May 2014

Come See Dane at Jordancon 6, 2014

Writer Dane Clark Collins will be at JordanCon 6 at the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, GA to speak at a panel and attend the launch party for the new book, Elves of Uteria.