26. September 2016

New Album: The Log Cutter

A decade ago, I worked on an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie, and I’ve finally released it. Listen to it here.


13. November 2006

Transient Revival

Renowned fantasy artist Mike Bielaczyc (Aradani Studios, Dragonlance) recently invited me to participate in the creation of an art exhibit of ambitious magnitude. My part was to create a soundscape that would enhance the atmosphere of an already dark and eerie exploration into the experience of belief, awakening, fate, and free will.


20. October 2006

Dane Heads to Nashville for an Art Showing

Michael Bielaczyc has created an ambitious work of art which will be on display on the 10th, and it is accompanied by sounds so beautifully ugly that I have to be there to hear them.