Current and Upcoming Releases

Deathbed Revelations

A mythic adventure through madness and transcendence. A mind lost in the lonely outer reaches of consciousness.

A frail old man, tortured by grief and delusion, is suffering a pitiful and horrifying death, and he is utterly alone. A demon pulls him downward as he desperately searches his memories for the key to escaping damnation.

Deathbed Revelations

Tale of the Eternal Sea

A mythic adventure on an endless sea. A surreal horror about the search for eternal life.

When a shipwreck leaves a small band of survivors adrift in a fog-shrouded sea, they must rely on their wits and strength to find their way to a mysterious island. Among them are a father and daughter, each with their own secret agenda.

Tale of the Eternal Sea Cover

Inhuman Genome: The Transient (coming soon)

An instrumental, cinematic, psychedelic rock album from Inhuman Genome

This will be the first in an upcoming series of full-length releases from Inhuman Genome. This is the soundtrack for the chapter The Transient in my semi-autobiographical novella, Deathbed Revelations.

Release date coming soon

Inhuman Genome: The Transient

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