Book Description

Years after disappearing on a quest to chase his hallucinatory visions, Dreisin has resurfaced with a story he has uncovered—a story stretching centuries into the past. This is a chilling tale of dark magic, cursed love, and a fate far worse than death.

This is the story of Rosaga, a woman who will let nothing stand in her path to power. Her path crosses with the Man With Two Faces, a sideshow entertainer with a grotesque second face on the side of his head. People assume this second face to be the vestigial remains of a twin consumed in the womb, except that it moves of its own will, and Rosaga suspects there is more to this second face than others realize. She will do whatever is necessary to uncover his mysteries.

What is the mystery of the Man With Two Faces, and what does Rosaga plan to do with him? What does this have to do with Dreisin, twelve hundred years later, and his long disappearance to learn the truth?

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